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Family YMCA of Fayette County




The Family YMCA of Fayette County has a unique opportunity for advertising. We recently added an area perfect to display signs for your business. These signs are seen by thousands of people a year. During our busy season we averaged 350 people per day. At peak times, as many as 620 people per day can see the signs. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, please call the YMCA at 618-283-1258. The annual cost is $250. All we require is a .jpg of your logo to add you to our growing list of advertisers. We are more than happy to invoice your company.


The Family YMCA of Fayette County has established an opportunity for individuals, businesses and other organizations in Fayette County to sponsor our many programs and events for the year in a single, one-time package.


Strong Kids is a financial assistance program offered to youth and families who join and participate in our programs at the Family YMCA of Fayette County. With your help, no person will be denied the benefits of a YMCA membership based on financial limitations. Through the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, people just like you come together to make our community stronger. Donations to the Strong Kids Campaign allow the YMCA to provide membership and program assistance to kids and families who might not otherwise be able to afford to pay for YMCA services.


The YMCA Annual Grand Raffle is a reverse raffle in which we only sell 225 tickets with grand prize winnings of $10,000 (see below for ticket breakdown). The final 10 ticketholders can decide to split the $10,000 grand prize, each receiving $1,000, or the raffle will continue until all ticketholders agree to split the prize or there is one grand prize winner. The raffle ticket includes dinner, games, and live and silent auctions for its ticketholders.  

1st ticket drawn $150
25th ticket drawn $25
50th ticket drawn $50
75th ticket drawn $75
100th ticket drawn $100
125th ticket drawn $125
150th ticket drawn $150
175th ticket drawn $175
200th ticket drawn $200


The Family YMCA of Fayette County has been blessed with an Endowment Fund. This fund allows us to draw income each year to make improvements and/or cover unexpected costs. This is one way we make sure the Y will be around for many years.