Open Mon-Sat 9am-8pm – Sun 12pm-8pm – 24/7 Wellness Center

Family YMCA of Fayette County


24/7 Facility Access is now available! 

  • There is no additional monthly fee for 24 hour access, but you must purchase the card for $10 and set it up during our staffed hours (please see our current staffed hours HERE). Only members who have added this service to their membership are allowed to use the facility during our unstaffed hours. Please see our Member Services team to set it up!
  • You will need to sign an additional 24 hour access waiver. You will be issued a new card which will unlock the right front door as you enter. You will swipe this card in front of the scanner to the right of the exterior front door. 
  • Our staffed hours have changed effective January 18th, 2021. Changes include staff not being present until 9:00 am Monday - Saturday, and closing at 8:00 pm Monday - Friday. If you typically use the facility between the hours of 5:00 am - 9:00 am Monday - Friday, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Monday - Friday, or 8:00 am - 9:00 am Saturday, you will need a 24 hour access keycard to access the facility. Make sure you set this up during our staffed hours!
  • 24 hour access is limited to the use of the Wellness Center, Multi-Purpose Room, and the restrooms/locker rooms.  The Gymnasium, Racquetball Court, and Dojo are only available during our staffed hours.
  • 24 hour access is only available for members age 18+ between the hours of 8 pm - 5 am. Members age 15+ may use the facility from 5 am - 11 pm. Members may bring their children age 12-15 at anytime outside our staffed hours as long as the parent remains present.  All members may use the facility during our staffed hours.
  • Guests are not allowed to use the facility except during our staffed hours unless accompanied by a group fitness class instructor. If a member is caught allowing a guest or unapproved member into the facility during the unstaffed hours, their membership may be terminated.
  • Each person accessing the facility must use their own individual card at the exterior front door and enter through the right door. If you arrive with someone else, you must both swipe your cards at the front door before entering. After you use the new 24 hour access keycard to gain access to the facility, you will then use the barcode on the back to swipe at the front desk. Swiping the keycard outside the front door allows you access into the facility, while swiping the barcode at the front desk logs you into our system and records your visit. 
  • All exterior doors must remain closed at all times.
  • Since there will not be staff on site during the overnight hours, it is of the upmost importance that you follow gym etiquette and sanitizing practices. All members must follow all standard rules of the Y. If you get equipment out, you must put it back. If you routinely leave equipment out, you may be subject to revocation of your 24 hour access. You must wear appropriate shoes and clothing. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted on the Y premises.
  • Panic alarms have been installed throughout the facility in case of an emergency.
  • Upon leaving, you should ensure the light above the left door as you exit is green, and then you should exit through that door. If the light doesn't automatically turn green, please press the "Push to Exit" button located to the left side of the door, wait for the green light, and then exit.

If you are interested in setting up 24/7 access for your membership, please stop by the front desk and speak with our member services team!