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Family YMCA of Fayette County



Background – Highlights

1981 - a steering committee of 10 area citizens gathered for a series of public meetings that winter. Their goal was to determine if there was public support for a YMCA in Fayette County. After many meetings and surveys, the group decided there was enough support to pursue a YMCA charter.

April 22, 1982 - the first board of 18 directors was elected. Jeff Kinkle was chosen as the first president, Dale Freeman vice president, Dale Timmermann treasurer, and Karen Herrington secretary. The others board members were Ernie Chappel, Sally Miller, David Anglin, Arnold Olson, Gene Wells, Larry Bennett, Jan Johnston, Randy Edwards, Jim Atchley, Mark Miller, Golda Shulman, Leo Eisert, Joe Sheets and Mike Mabry.

June 24, 1982 - the first YMCA program was held. The first YMCA program was a day camp with 54 participants.

June 28, 1983 - office space was donated to the YMCA; it was located in the First National Bank building. Dennis Mohrman was hired as the first qualified executive director and started on July 7, 1983.

1984 - the Family YMCA of Fayette County received their YMCA charter on 4/26/1984.

1985 - the YMCA added new programs, floor hockey, tumbling and drama classes. YMCA moved to 109 ½ South 5th Street on June 10, 1985, its previous location.

1986 - Dennis Mohrman resigned as executive director and Randy Todd was hired for the executive director job and started on July 14. The YMCA was honored by the St Louis Cardinals.

1988 - the YMCA started accepting bank drafts for membership dues. Randy Todd resigned in April and Dave Moliga started on August 1.

1989 - the YMCA truly became a “Fayette County” Family YMCA. Programs were held in Ramsey, Brownstown and St. Elmo.

1991 - the thoughts of having the YMCA, park district, VYO and city collaboration to a build building happened.

1992 - the weight room at YMCA was expanded.

1994 - The first Community Center capitol campaign study was done at the cost of about $5,000.

1998 - expansion of the YMCA to other half of the building added additional weight training machines.

2005 - the new building planning process officially started May 1, 2005, with a meeting of key individuals.

2006 - the KC College Master Site Plan was released and YMCA building was on their site. Vanseal wins YMCA Grand Raffle and donated the $10,000.00 to the YMCA for the new building.

2008 - the Old Capitol Foundation donated $1,500,000 ($1,200,000 for the building and $300,000 for an endowment fund) to the YMCA. This donation made it possible for the YMCA to proceed with building the new YMCA facility.

July 24, 2010 - we opened the 710 N Rock Island facility.

2012 - the YMCA completed the DOJO project in October. The YMCA set a new record in memberships, with membership now a total of 855.We were also able to add soccer goals and bleachers through donations from Ronald McDonald House, Feller Oil & Fulk Construction.

2013 - the YMCA completes Racquetball Project. We finished what we started in 2009.

2014 - the YMCA completes the DeeDee Hartz Memorial Playground and Pine Ridge Homes Pavilion. The YMCA set a membership record of 974 memberships and 2427 members. YMCA clears over $27,000 on Grand Raffle event. YMCA invests $17,000 in new fitness equipment.