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Programs Update:

New Program:

Pedigo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Our instructor, Chad Hawkins, has a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) under Heath Pedigo. Chad is a 7xIBJJF World Champion, 5xIBJJF Masters Pan American Champion, 15xIBJJF Chicago Champion, Abu Dhabi Pro trial Champion and Shoyoroll Sponsored athlete. Chad has competed in over 300 competition matches and has only lost once in his weight class/age group. Chad describes Pedigo BJJ as a competition driven academy, where his goal and vision is to create an atmosphere that helps participants develop a passion and drive in life through BJJ; he truly wants his students to learn and is attentive and patient at demonstrating and teaching, while providing a challenging and motivating atmosphere.
Kid’s Bully-Proof/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - 15 roster max; Wednesdays 6-7pm. This program is for youth ages 6 - 12 years of age focusing on development of coordination, body awareness, discipline, focus, confidence, self-defense, fitness, goal setting and socialization. Utilizing Judo, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it involves techniques such as grabbing and rolling which will develop fine motor skills and increase coordination and balance.
Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - 10 roster max; Wednesdays 7-9pm. This program is for students ages 13+ offering same Judo, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques in an effort to fulfill participants goals whether it be to get in shape promoting health and flexibility, eliminates stress and/or compete in tournaments. Gi’s (jacket, pant, belt) are purchased through the YMCA with costs ranging from $75 - $100 for adults.

Summer Teeball, Baseball and Softball: Teeball- Vandalia: Teeball consists of 4 and 5 year old youth, both boys and girls. Players will hit from a tee. Games have begun and schedules are available online or you can come into the YMCA and pick one up.
Pinto Baseball - Vandalia: Pinto League is for 6-8 year old boys and girls and is coach pitch. Games
have begun and schedules are available online or you can come into the YMCA and pick one up.

Running Club: Whether you run marathons or are just starting out, our running club will give you the motivation to get started or keep going. We welcome runners and run/walkers of all abilities and paces and will provide a fun and encouraging atmosphere. The club is led by Rick Myers, who is our Board President. Rick has 10 years running experience and has ran in 28 marathons, 3 half marathons and 10 or so 5Ks. Running Days & Times - Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6:00pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00am. We will always meet at the YMCA, 710 N Rock Island Avenue, Vandalia, Illinois 62471. Cost & Age: Free for current YMCA members; $30/year non-members; 18+

Class Updates:

***2018 Water Aerobics
Location: Vandalia park district swimming pool
Class Information: Lynn Sefton has directed the Water Aerobics Program the past 20+ years. She incorporates lots of fun, action, and movement to provide a total body workout in a weightless environment. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace. Being able to swim is not a requirement as workout sessions are completed in shallower water, not exceeding 3 feet. Participants are encouraged to bring sunscreen, hats/visors, water shoes and sunglasses to protect from sunlight.
Schedule, Cost & Age: Sessions begin Tuesday, June 26, 2018 through Thursday, August 30, 2018 and are offered each Tuesday & Thursday from 5-6pm. Members program fee is $35, non-members is $70. We’ll also offer a daily session fee of $5.00. Waiver must be completed. 12 years of age and up can participate.

***Total Body Toning: Just like the name states this a total body workout, in this class there are different stations that you will complete for anywhere between 30-50 sec, then take a short rest before moving on to the next stations. Normally 3 total rounds are completed. This class can be modified to accommodate most fitness levels. Join Dana and Kelly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30am for an awesome workout!!

***Fitness Kickboxing: Are you ready to challenge yourself? If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, this fitness kick-boxing class is just what you need. Instructed by the 5 time IBJJF World Champion Chad Hawkins, our Fitness Kick-Boxing class is for all levels of fitness. Whether you just started exercising or may be a little more advanced, it’s for everyone. Chad will take you through many different avenues of training such as; Pad training, Bag training, Focus Mitt Training, Body workout routines and so much more!! Class Times: Wednesday’s at 5pm
Registration Options: Each Sessions is 8 Weeks
Session: May 9th – June 26th
Session: July 11th – August 29th
Session: September 5th – October 24th
Session: October 31st – December 19th

Cost: Member: $30 per session Non-Member: $60 per session Fitness Kick-Boxing Drop-In Fee: $10/class

Vinyasa Yoga: Are you ready to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and relax your mind? Join Malia Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-9:30am!

Yoga Flex: Join Jessamie Monday and Thursday evening at 6pm for a faster flowing yoga workout.

HITT: Join Ben on Tuesday and Thursday evening for 5-6pm for an intense total body blast.

Stretch/Pilates Class: Tuesday & Thursday 10-11am. Join us for Total Body Stretching to improve flexibility and performance. A yoga strap or towel is also suggested to aid in the stretching.

Circuit Training:Tuesday & Thursday 9-10am. Join us for a Total Body Training. Modifications are offered at each station. Minimum age is 10 (if accompanied by an adult) and 13 without an adult.

Under Construction: Monday - Friday starting at 5am! Same great class, now easier for our early bird exerciser to enjoy.

****Child Watch: Monday – Thursday!!!! Both morning and evening!! Morning times:9-11am Evening Times:5-7pm Cost is still just $1 per child for members and $2 per child for nonmembers